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Many years ago, over a night thick with fog, cider fumes and pipe-weed smoke, the Luzzatti brothers came up with the idea of Playart Studio. Since then the “little toddler” has all grown up: today we’re a full-rounded creative agency, able to offer the best for your business communication needs - from logo design and website creation to the more traditional as well as the most current advertising venues.

In Playart we do play with art, creativity and technology day and night, even in our pajamas. Our game is finding original ideas, integrating them with strategical thinking and making them stand out from the crowd. The way we actually do it is our little trade secret.

Let us be your pilots. We’ll always find the best route to success for your projects, be they online, offline or below the line.
Playart Studio. Brilliant solutions guaranteed.

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Passion is at the heart of every single job we do.

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Cosmic Extraordinary Officer, Luca Luzzatti

Born in Bergamo, Italy, on October 23th, 1980. For unknown reasons, spends most of his youth playing ninja in the neighbouring woods. Later he moves to Rimini, Italy, to devote his teenage years to beaches, discos and large amounts of piadina, the local flat bread. In the Millennium Bug year he gets a diploma as a programmer, lands his first job as video editor and develops a strong interest for arts and design. Such desire for further learning brings him to the Eternal City, where he attends the Rome University of Fine Arts.

After two years’ worth of graphical design courses, communication strategies, IT labs, photography and so much more, he goes to Milan for an internship in advertising agency Sesonrose. Having concluded the Milanese experience, he’s back in Rimini where he gets hired as Web Designer for IT company Proxima.

In 2008 he feels ready to strike out on his own and founds Playart Studio. In mid-2014 he moves to London in order to broaden his horizons... An era ends, a legend begins. More or less. C’mon.


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